Family Documentaries

For thousands of years, since the beginning of mankind, we've been telling stories. These stories became our oral tradition - passed down to the generations for them to remember and learn from.

Today, that tradition has been lost. Now, we look to books, TV, movies and documentaries. Don't get us wrong, we love all those too. But, there is something to be said for passing down your tribe's stories and wisdom. And, it's a shame that tradition has been lost. That's why we created this idea of family documentaries as a powerful way to renew and revitalize that tradition.

Scope of Work

Our Family Documentaries service ranges in scope and budget depending on the project. It can be a simple documentary short on one end of the scale to a more elaborate and lengthy documentary short, all the way to a full-scale, full-length documentary - and anywhere in between. It's really up to you.

You might decide to do it about your grandparents, your parents, your child, or your family as a whole to capture a moment in time. The idea is that the documentary will be passed down from generation to generation, preserving forever your tribe's stories and wisdom.

Are You Interested?

If you are interested in doing a family documentary, contact us today to learn more.