Small Business Videos

Video for business is on the rise. Of course, there is YouTube, but there is also Facebook Video and LinkedIn Video, as well as more and more videos that live on a business's website, especially the Home page and About Us page.

The problem is, video is expensive - if you want it to have good quality and sound, that is, along with professional editing. You could try and do it yourself, and in some instances this is the best option, but in others, the video needs a professional hand.

Rosy-Doz Media is committed to the small business owner and has developed a business model to create professional, engaging videos at a cost most small businesses can afford.

Large Business Videos

Some videos require the larger production value that drives up cost. If you have a need for this type of video, Rosy-Doz Media can meet that need. We are the producers, directors and editors of the video - the storytellers. We have access to some of the best camera and sound professionals  in the region who will work with us to create a video that is compelling and engaging.

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