Our Approach

We tell stories, it's as simple as that.  At Rosy-Doz Media, we believe everyone has a story to tell. We help you find and tell yours.

We view story-telling as a privilege, an honor, and a big responsibility. Stories hold enormous power - they can connect us or they can divide us. At Rosy-Doz Media, we are committed to telling stories that connect rather than divide.



Our Story

The founder, Helena Rose Duzenski, named the business Rosy-Doz Media because "Rosy-Doz" was her nickname as a child, and represents her true essence and heart. It is a name filled with hope, possibility, and unbridled joy.

We believe story is what can change hearts and minds. We believe story is what moves and inspires people. We believe story is what can save us all.

There's nothing we love more than a good story. We'd be honored to tell yours.

Meet the Founder

Helena Rose Duzenski is the owner and founder of Rosy-Doz Media and the quintessential story-teller. She has been telling stories her whole life -  in the music she has played, the songs she has sung, the plays she's acted in, the pieces she's written, and the videos she's produced. It's the thread that connects all her creative endeavors. It's in her blood and it's her driving passion.

Helena Rose Duzenski


Helena Rose Duzenski received her BFA from New York University in Drama. She later went to film editing school at Video Symphony in Burbank, CA. She owned her own business for a number of years where she was in charge of all marketing and communications. She has extensive experience as a freelance writer, writing mostly for businesses. Recently, she produced and co-edited a number of videos for honorees of award ceremonies.

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